Project One: The Album


It’s 2022, you probably don’t own a CD player, or a record player, maybe that’s even the more likely of the two at this point. I’m guess is you’ve never bought either of these items because you’ve probably got a streaming music service, which is arguably the best thing the tech industry has done for us.

So why design a CD package or a record sleeve? First and foremost, it’s an excellent and approachable introduction into designing a three dimensional package for a physical object. Also it’s a great opportunity to have some fun and get creative with your design practice. 


For this assignment you will develop a fictional musical persona. This persona can be based on yourself, your friends, or a combination of several music artists you admire or find interesting. Once you have created and defined your musical persona, develop a brand / identity for your artist. Then leverage that identity into a package design for their next upcoming album release.

The finished product will include all of the following elements:

– Mood board

– Logo design

– CD package design (optional: include digital &/or vinyl version)

– Digital edition

Step 1

Create your artists persona. Research artists you admire, paying special attention to how they represent themselves visually and how these visual representations shape their identify in pop culture. Sketch out ideas and find imagery for your Mood board. Also think about what your artist might sound like, and how you might describe it verbally and then visually.

(ex. Sounds like: 3/8 Sex Pistols + 3/8 MGMT+ 2/8 Bille Ellish = New Artist )

| Read pages 274-319 (Practice: On Shelves) in your text book.

Step 2

Create your artists identity. Think about their logo is it a symbol or icon? Or is it their name set in a particular type face? Do they use a combination of both?  Will your campaign include photographs of this artist. Also what kind of additional art work and imagery do they use to represent themselves?

| Read pages 338-361 (Practice: In Identity) in your text book.

Step 3

Create your CD package design and booklet Use the logo, images, and art work from the pervious two steps to execute these final steps in the assignment.

Step 4

-Create one 3D mock up of your package design.

-Create jpgs of your digital edition.

-Submit all of your final digital files to me in an organized manner

(jpg. , Ai. , and Psd. files) we will talk more about this in class.

Final due date: February 24th